We are excited to help Kaycee get down payment grant money as a first time home buyer in Logan, Other Utah for homes in $375,000.00 price range for a family of 2. Understanding Kaycee’s goals based on factors like income, price range, current down payment programs available in Logan, UT, and Other are the first steps in identifying the best programs and available inventory of homes that will fit all of the criteria.

Logan Utah Info

Logan, Utah is a city located in Cache County. It has an estimated population of 51,542 people and by 2050 it’s expected to double the current count at 48,174. Logan also hosts many public buildings like schools and libraries as well as private enterprises such as restaurants/bars or hotels that generate revenue for its economy which benefits from being home to one of America‚Äôs safest metropolitan areas according to Morgan Quitno’s 2005-2007 rankings!

Here are some sample homes for sale in Logan UT that are in the price range home buyers are searching for:

Homes In Logan UT

Homes In Logan Utah

Downtown Logan Utah

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Map of Logan Utah

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