We are excited to help Nathan get down payment assistance as a first time home buyer in Eagle mountain, Utah County Utah for homes in 492500.00 price range for a family of 8 or more. Understanding Nathan’s goals based on factors like income, price range, current down payment programs available in Eagle mountain, UT, and Utah County are the first steps in identifying the best programs and available inventory of homes that will fit all of the criteria.

About Eagle Mountain Utah

Eagle Mountain City is a master-planned community that captures the feel of living in your neighborhood, tucked away among Utah’s urban corridor. Since its incorporation back in December 1996, Eagle Mountain has grown from 250 residents to 40,000 by 2019 and will soon become one of the state‚Äôs fastest growing communities! While it offers quiet neighborhoods with plenty of open space for families to play together – you can still find peace when exploring this wonderfully planned community!

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Things To Do In Eagle Mountain Utah

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